Year in review: 2018

Year in review: 2018

Wow, just like that 2018 has come to a close and what a year it has been. Looking back it was an awesome year for me. That's why I've decided to dig into my favourite -software related- moments of 2018 and share them with you.

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Attended interesting talks and learned cool things from it

Most interesting talks of 2018, in random order:
What every engineer should know about TCP

What every engineer should know about TCP

Angelo van der Sijpt (Luminis)

My understanding of how TCP works was greatly increased. Not by explaining the meaning of all the bits of a TCP frame, but by looking at practical situations and explaining what exactly happens in such a situation and what effect this can have on an app.

The data that speaks about your data, it speaks about you

The data that speaks about your data, it speaks about you

Adrianus Warmenhoven (RedSocks Security)

This talk showed that using metadata, contextual information and 'common sense reasoning' you can already see a lot without knowing the content of a data stream. This even goes so far that you can see which articles from a popular site someone reads about an https connection.

Angular 6 CLI

Angular 6 CLI

Joris Zwart (

Almost everything you need to know about Angular 6' CLI; from how to install it, use it and get your first Angular 6 app up and running.

Open source intelligence

Open source intelligence

Wouter Slotboom (Ethical Hacker)

What information is available online about us and our devices. With Open Source Intelligence and Social Media we give much more away than we think. Wouter Slotboom showed how easy it's to find out.



Went to fun events and met awesome people

Most fun events of 2018:
Tweakers Meet-up XL: Privacy & Security

Tweakers Meet-up XL: Privacy & Security


More talks, more visitors and even more attention for privacy and security. The program covered as many interesting topics as possible. The GDPR was, of course, discussed and of course cyber security & threat analysis were not lacking.

Zaandam Valley

Zaandam Valley

Tweakers & Albert Heijn

The largest supermarket in the Netherlands opened the doors of its IT departments for the second time during Zaandam Valley 2018. During this event, all new developments and innovations within retail and Albert Heijn IT were shared during various talks, workshops and demos. Interesting internal and external speakers were summoned to let the visitors discover the future of retail.



Writing articles

It was quite a busy year for me—and that is reflected through the few articles I published on my blog. In 2018 I published a total of 15 articles. I enjoyed writing them. In particular the ones about Go ([First look at functions in Go]( & [Newton's method in Go](, because it helped me understand Go better and experiment with the language. I also received great feedback on both articles.

For 2019, I've enough topics to write about. Fun fact: I keep track of blog ideas in Google Keep.

Notes labeled 'BLOG IDEA' in my Google Keep

Nevertheless, here are the most read articles of 2018:

Most read articles in 2018 (published in 2018)

Most read articles in 2018 (published in 2017)


First full-year of my personal website

I published my website in October 2017. So 2018 was the first full-year of it. It was a year in which I redesigned my website, and implemented some cool security features and performance upgrades. You can read more about the first version [here]( and about the second (current) version [here](

Privacy by design

I tried to take your privacy into account throughout the whole development process. Among other things:

  • Disqus comments for articles are only loaded if you explicitly click on the button 'Load Disqus comments';
  • Replaced Google Analytics (used in v1) with Matomo—which I host on my own server.

If you think I can improve your privacy on my website, please get in touch.


Unfortunately, I can't compare the visitors of 2018 to another full-year. So I can't really tell if my website has been visited more or less than another year. However, for a simple personal website, I'm very pleased with the amount of people visiting my website everyday. Take a look yourself:




unique page views



Browser Visits
Chrome 88.9%
Safari 12.7%
Firefox 9.2%
Internet Explorer 4.1%
Other 7.8%
Device type Visits
Desktop 88.9%
Smartphone 8.0%
Tablet 2.5%
Unkown 0.6%

Above data is from the period 2018-01-01 – 2018-12-31. My own activity and activity from bots is not included.


Things I made in my spare time

When it came to personal projects, it was mainly unfinished experiments—either to test or learn something new. I had fun trying things out—thankfully, localhost is a very safe environment to make mistakes and learn from them. :-)

In 2018, for the first time, I open sourced two of my side projects, because I'm proud of them. I received great feedback, and I'm thankful for that. Check them out below.


  • Front-end Development
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS

VanillaHN is a simple Hacker News client, built using only plain (vanilla) JavaScript—no frameworks involved.

I started the development on October 23 and open sourced it on October 27. My main goal with this project was to learn more about plain JavaScript—and I can say that I learned some useful insights from it.

Even though it's still work in progress, you can see a live demo here. You can read more about VanillaHN its project page or contribute on GitHub.

Advent of Code

Advent of Code
  • Back-end Development
  • GO

Advent of Code is an Advent calendar of small programming puzzles for a variety of skill sets and skill levels that can be solved in any programming language you like. In 2018 I participated for the first time. I tried to solve all puzzles in Go.

Note that I'm still working on some puzzles. Once I've solved everything, you can expect a blogpost about it.

You check out my solutions (and give me feedback) on GitHub or try it yourself.


Second year as a Software Engineer

2018 was my second year working as a Junior Software Engineer at Service2Fruit. I've had the pleasure to work with great colleagues. Together, we've released a new version of almost every two weeks and did a lot of bugfixes and performance upgrades. It was another year in which I've learned a lot and gained valuable experience, in especially web development.

2018 was also my last year at Service2Fruit. Read why under What about 2019?

Projects I worked on at Service2Fruit in 2018


What about 2019?

Here are some things I want to/will do in 2019.

Joined GX Software. Woehoe! As of January I've joined GX Software as a Technical Consultant. I'm really excited about this new opportunity. Summarised: as a Technical Consultant I form the bridge between GX and its customers. I develop, build and implement the products of GX Software and support customers in improving and further developing them. You can read more about GX Software on their website.

Write more. In 2019, I want to publish at least 12 articles with a longer content. I think writing articles for my blog is a great way to learn new things even better, because I have to explain it to others.

Grow myself further. I want to further develop my knowledge and experience in software development. One of the things I'm going to do is to take the Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer 1 exam.


A special thank you to all the people I've worked with in 2018 ;-)


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