1.0.0 released 1.0.0 released

Saturday 28th October I came up with the spontaneous idea to start a blog. I immediately started to write down what I would need to go live the next day. After going live on Sunday 29th October, it was only about improvements, like making the response time shorter and being mobile-first. After 9 days of development in the evening, after finishing work and studying, I can finally say: 1.0.0 is here!

What am I using?

File‑based CMS - I had three (simple) requirements for the CMS I would use. Firstly, I did not want to involve a database, because I wanted first class performance, version controllable content, simple backups and many other awesome sideeffects of using NoDB. Secondly, I wanted to be able to use Markdown to write my content. Thirdly, I prefered to use PHP, because it is easy to deploy and get it up and running with minimum configurations on a VPS. I quickly came across Kirby and now it is my favourite CMS.

Responsive and mobile-first framework - Who does not use Bootstrap these days? I am using Bootstrap v4.0.0-beta.2. It was actually my first time using B4, before that I have only used B3. B4 requires jQuery and Popper.js. So they are also included.

Minimum custom css is the best css - B4 has everything I need for styling. I only added one class and overridden four classes. I did not like the page jumping if there was suddenly no scrollbar, so I added a scrollbar on every page. The logo you see in the upper left is just text inside a <code>-tag and a dark background. I did not want any of my hyperlinks to have text-decoration (underline), so I removed it. Oh, and the font-size of code in <pre><code> blocks is now 90%.

Simple commenting system - Most of the articles I read on Hacker News are using Disqus for comments. So yeah, I am giving it a try. It was very easy to install and get it running properly.

Syntax highlighting - I use JetBrains' Darcula theme every day. So I really wanted to get the same syntax highlighting on my website. I am using highlight.js to make this possible. It is very simple and fast, and they have the Darcula theme! 😍

675 available icons - I am using Font Awesome for scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized.

JavaScript - I am using some JavaScript to redirect users from and to, respectively, my GitHub and LinkedIn profile. On these pages I also created a simple seconds countdown in just 6 lines of JavaScript.

Automating and enhancing my workflow - I am using gulp.js to minify and concat my stylesheets and scripts. Also to compile Sass to css. No more painful or time-consuming tasks when developing.

Icons in all sizes for all devices - I used to generate icons for web, Android, Microsoft, and iOS (iPhone and iPad). All I needed to do was to create one icon, upload i, click on generate and include them. If somebody adds to his/her home screen on mobile, they will see an awesome icon.

Downtime/uptime monitoring - I am using Uptime Robot to monitor my website every 5 minutes. It checks for a http OK (200) and for a successful response with ping. If there is any downtime, I get notified via e-mail.

Keep track of traffic - I am using Google Analytics to get insights of my site's traffic.

Version control - I am using GitHub to host my repository and to have version control.

Some numbers

  • started on Saturday 28th October;
  • live on Sunday 29th October;
  • 1.0.0 released on Sunday 5th November;
  • 9 days of development;
  • 98.0% PHP and 2.0% other;
  • 25 commits;
  • 72,876 lines added (including the used cms, frameworks and libraries);
  • 3,219 lines deleted;
  • 9 blog posts published.


Let me know what you think of 😎


from Nijmegen, The Netherlands