Goals for my second year as a Software Engineer

April 25th, 2018 | #personal

Time flies when you are having fun, really. Even though it feels like it was only yesterday that I started as a software engineer, I already hit my one-year anniversary in March. What a ride it has been. I look back on a great year in which I learned a lot, gained valuable experience and met some awesome people.

Last month I took the time to reflect on my first full year as a software engineer and set new goals for my second year. In this blog post I want to share my new goals with you.

Learn Go

Last year I have become quite competent and productive in Java and Scala. The coming year, I want to learn a new language, and I chose for Go. There are many reasons why you should learn Go. I will start with reading "Go in Action" and blog about my progress.

Contribute to an open source project

I am using a lot of open source projects every day, like Play and nginx. I want to do something back to the dev community and learn at the same time, so I will contribute to at least one open source project in the coming year.

Learn Vue.js

I do not have any experience with a Front-end JavaScript framework yet, and I think that a combination of Go and Vue.js would be awesome for any new (web)app. So Vue.js is number three on my list.

Increase my knowledge of Computer Science

Even though my job title says "Software Engineer", my job is more than only software. I would say that my job consists of 85% software. The other 15% is filled up with things like hardware and network related stuff.

The coming year I want to further increase my knowledge of Computer Science, and keep it up to date. I want to compose a list of books I will read and study for the coming year and share it with you. Also, I will attend several talks in the coming year. I appreciate any suggestions on books to read and talks to attend.

Do better every day and learn new things day in day out

My main goal is to do better every day and learn new things day in day out. It is not only the goals above that I want to achieve, I also want to develop my current skills further—like Java and SQL. Doing better every day, is actually almost just doing it a lot and gain experience. Every time I solve an issue, I can next time solve a similar issue faster.

What are your goals for the coming year?

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