First time participating in Advent of Code

First time participating in Advent of Code

This year I am going to participate in Advent of Code for the first time. I will try to solve all puzzles in Go.

What is Advent of Code?

From 1 to 25 December, two puzzles are available every day, to solve the big puzzle of this year. The riddles are set up in such a way that they can best be solved with a piece of code. For each puzzle you get your own unique input with one specific output every day.

You can register and participate via

Why in Go?

Since I am not that experienced in Go, Advent of Code seemed like a great opportunity to get better in Go.

Repo on GitHub

I created a GitHub repository where I will publish my answers of each puzzle.

You should not expect my code to have the best performance, but I will try my best to improve it.

Are you also doing Advent of Code this year? 🎄