Command man prints “gimme gimme gimme” at 00:30

TIL why the command man print gimme gimme gimme at 00:30. When you run man at 00:30 without specifying the page or with >-w, it outputs gimme gimme gimme to stderr.

$ man -w
gimme gimme gimme

I actually did not notice this myself, but I read it here on StackExchange.

Because of this Tweet:

Dear @colmmacuait, I think that if you type "man" at 0001 hours it should print "gimme gimme gimme". #abba

Colin Watson added an easter egg in this commit:

if (first_arg == argc) {
    /*!/marnanel/status/132280557190119424 */
    time_t now = time (NULL);
    struct tm *localnow = localtime (&now);
    if (localnow &&
        localnow->tm_hour == 0 && localnow->tm_min == 1)
        fprintf (stderr, "gimme gimme gimme\n");

Too bad Collin removed the easter egg because of the question on StackExchange.